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Shinkageryu is one of representative Kenjutsu schools in Japan which a general of Ise region, Nobutsuna Kamiizumi
(上泉伊勢守信綱), had established in 16th century.
Shinkageryu was spread by his pupils all over Japan and the most famous pupil is Sekisyusai Yagyu
(柳生石舟斎). His sytle is called "Yagyu Shinkage ryu (柳生新陰流)" , including a famous technique, Mutou dori (無刀取り) , to win opponents who have sword or other wepons by empty hands. His son, Munenori Yagyu (柳生宗矩), and grandchild, Jubei Yagyu (柳生十兵衛), contrived and sytematized it futher more.
We study this Yagyu Shinkage ryu style being succeeded from these sword men's era.
"Yagyu gasa 柳生笠"
Symbol of Yagyu family" 
"Katsunin tou 活人刀

A famous thought Munenori advocated that kenjutsu isn't a mere way to kill enemys, but a way to keep peace and its attitude. 


It is important how using body effectually as much as possible in Shinkageryu. Kenjutsu is a technique to win opponents by sword, but Shinkageryu focuses on methods to use their body not how to use their sword. When they execute skills, the movings are basically created by their trunk. They never use ostensible muscles because the movings by trunk genarate the stable, speed, and power more than the case only using ostensible muscles. It doesn't mean that plenty of muscle is strong in Shinkageryu theory.
In additon, most of Shinkageryu skills are applied to "Mutou dori". Even if they don't have any sword, they will be able to win by following the basic moving of skills.
Good sample

Moving by trunk and keeping body balance on center line of body.
Bad sample

Loosing balance of upper body because of relying on arms and shoulders.