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We are a NPO(Nonprofit Organaization) for people who are interested in Shinkageryu and sprit, technique, and physical strength(心技体) of Samurais. Our mission is to study a culture and history of Samurai through training
of Yagyu Shinkageryu which is one of representitive Kenjutsu (swordsmanship) in Japan and has been more than 400 years since its establishment.
We othen hear Samurai, the word itself, in Singapore on a dairy basis from Japanese movies, animated cartoons, Manga, or others.
However, it seems that there are few pepole who understand how Samurais build up themselfs, contrive their techniques, and the predecessors succeed to the culture.
We can study a lot of useful things from Samurai's sprit, technique, and
physical strength even in modern sociaty. We would be happy if people who study Shinkageryu could find their amazements and discoveries like making their life happy through studing authentic Samurai, not world of fantasy.

Yuhei Takata 
Director's Profile 


I 'm originally from Toyama prefecture. I met Shinkageryu when I was a university student and had studied Shinkageryu under the master, Mr. Masao Oyama. I have been continuing the training of Shinkageryu after moving to Singapore. In order to introduce an authentic Samurai overseas, I have established Shinkageryu Association Singapore on June 2013.