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Training Way

We study Yagyu Shinkage ryu here. There are 2 main trainings, Iai (居合) and Kenjutsu (剣術).
They don't need any protectors like Kendo and never hit the trainees storogly by swords. The purpose of training is to improve skills of each trainee, not to contend for superiority of skills.
Dogi(道着) and Hakama(袴)
basic uniform in Iai and Kenjutsu training 
Repulica sword for Iai training
Fukuro shinai (袋竹刀)
bamboo sword coverd by leather
There are a lot of kata (型) , Iai forms. We practice the forms by a replica sword alone.
We conduct the series of actions from drawing and sheathing a sword

There are 2 trainees in Kenjutsu training, Shidachi (使太刀) and Uchidachi (打太刀).
Shidachi is the person who use skills against Uchidachi.
Uchidachi is the person who receive skills from Shidachi.

We conduct all trainings bases on the forms.
There is no keen fight between Shidachi and Uchidachi.
Basically we target the wrist of opponents and try to block their attacks in advice.